Simple City Life: Settled.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I have successfully survived three weeks without WiFi. It's not like I am completely disconnected from the world- I have my phone which is always connected- however, we have managed to move to the one place on earth that Verizon has poor service. Literally, in the past 10 years, I have never had one issue with my service, until now. Thankfully, they are sending me a device to hopefully help boost my signal. It is not a huge deal- we have been incredibly busy getting ready for our new home! Three weeks ago we packed up our apartment and loaded all our earthly possessions into a PODS container. I have honestly never been more ready to move in my life! And let me tell you I have rented some pretty insane places. Our first rental in Milwaukee had rats and mushrooms...but the most amazing upper neighbors, so we loved that place regardless of the Scumlord in charge. Once my best friend and I rented the cutest little house. We felt on top of the world! It was cozy and we didn't have to share a wall with anyone. We had a yard for the pups to play in and we could walk to the little historic downtown area. However, the house was sitting on an angle and without our rose-colored glasses, on the place was truly a dump! We made it a home though.

Now the apartment wasn't falling into the ground and we had no critter issues, but it just never felt like home. All the bizarre things we have endured in our rental history may have been quirky, but it still feeled like home. No matter how hard we tried, our apartment here never had that feeling. I felt like a guest and an uninvited one at that. I would have to believe that it is partly to do with the fact that we started building our house in November- we knew we were out of there, we just had to wait. Thankfully, with three kids, time is constantly flying by. Between school schedules, play rehearsals and prepping for the move, time did go by quickly. Here we are, one full week under our belts in the new house and we couldn't be happier.

We did have a small delay in getting into the house- two weeks. I decided to take the kids on a post-school adventure. We moved all the way out here to explore more and take advantage of the beauty we are surrounded by. We loaded all our camping gear into the car, took the dog, left the husband and drove to the Grand Canyon. I was about Raichlen's age when I first saw the canyon. I have a very vivid memory of that trip. My memories consist of me, so very car sick, throwing up on the side of the canyon roads. I was really looking forward to seeing the canyon, vomit free and giving my children the memories of seeing something so awe-inspiring. Thankfully, our trip was completely vomit-free and full of exploration. Each of the kids had different takeaways. It was really fun talking about their expectations of this magnificent landmark and then their thoughts after seeing it. The older kids both agreed that it was way bigger than they imagined. Raichlen expected there to be a bridge to the other side. I can't wait to go back sans doggo and take the kids for a hike into the canyon.

We enjoyed four amazing days in the pine-covered Kaibab National Forest. We stayed at an awesome Koa Kampground. I was able to rest and recharge my batteries while the kids were able to romp around in nature. This is our second stay at a KOA since arriving here in Arizona, and I have to say we are getting hooked! The campgrounds are super clean and the amenities for kiddos is great! I offered to take the kids to all sorts of local attractions but they only wanted to stay at the campground. I was not going to complain! I did manage to get the kids to wander around the town of Williams a little for some shopping.

Once we arrived back in Phoenix, from our trip, we were able to stay at my inlaws home while we awaited our closing date. The big kids started tech week for their show and time literally flew by! The kids completed six amazing shows of Singing In The Rain with Pinnacle Creative Arts, took a day of rest before we received our keys and started moving into our new home. My kids are pretty much legendary at this point. This year has challenged and stretched these kids to new limits and they have taken it all in better than I would have at their ages. I know we are all feeling a lot more settled in our life here in Arizona. There are still struggles, and we all miss "home" dearly, however, one year later, I'd say we are doing pretty well!

I'm anxious to get the kids out exploring a ton more this summer- we only have seven weeks left until school starts! I will do my best to keep you updated on our adventures- hopefully we will have a decent internet connection soon.

Happy Summer Adventures!