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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home Tour Part One: Bedrooms

We are just shy of three weeks in this new home and daily I am blown away that this is our house! Getting here wasn't easy, but worth it. I have been running non stop since we put our offer in on this house. After packing every inch of the old place, and getting the new house settled, I am so tired! So very tired but so very in love with this house. I am extremely humbled by the love and support I received during the move. Many friends and family swooped in and helped whip this place into shape. The biggest part of the move that I left our was that Scott had to travel the day of our move. He literally loaded the truck Friday, unloaded everything into the living room with the help of several friends, showered and headed to the airport, and headed to Paris for the next seven days. The reality of that whole set up didn't set in until I saw how dirty the new house was. If you know me at all you know that this is a major set back for me. There is no way any box us getting unpacked in a filthy house. Friends came in and went to work all in the name of their crazy OCD friend. By Sunday I was feeling much better and by Monday I was ready to start getting the kids into their rooms. We had all been bunking together on our mattresses in the Library room until the carpets were cleaned.
We started by assembling the boys beds first since their carpet was dry first. As I was finishing up and they were starting to bring their blankets and mattresses into this new room, they took one last jump on the floor mattresses, crashed into each other with enough force to toss the youngest backwards into the heater box. I am of course not knowing any of this is going on since I am in the new room cleaning up the Ikea boxes. Suddenly I hear the screaming, not the I bumped my head scream, but the I'm dying scream and the OH MY GOSH screams from the older siblings. By the time I reach the room where they are, I am greeted by a pool of blood on my comforter and a super bloody four year old. I transported him to the bathroom, found the source of the bleeding and decided that this was truly worthy of a hospital visit. With my amazing friend Abbie on her way to stay with the big kids we headed out. After a couple hours were were back home with a few hair tied stitches. Google that, it's pretty crazy. 
My Aunt happened to be in town during all this craziness too. She popped over at all the right times and helped paint, clean, bring dinner and build dressers. I had also gotten my mom on board with driving down to help out too. Once mom arrived Tuesday, we started getting some serious unpacking accomplished. I painted, she unpacked and within a few days the house was taking amazing shape! Scott was completely blown away after a week away. I can not thank my friends and family enough for all the help! It took a village, but I am confident to say this was the fastest move I have every accomplished in our 11 moves. I love everything about this house. We have many years ahead of us to continue to make it exactly the way we want it, but for now, it's our perfect place.
So without further delay, the bedrooms: 

The Tween Room
We have more to complete on this room, but it involves spray paint, so will have to wait for warmer weather. She chose a neutral wall color and is adding pops of light turquoise. We will paint her bed white, update her fan and white frames to her wall. Her ideal was a zen garden, so we went simple with color allowing her to still have some girly elements. 

Double Trouble Boys Room
This will be transformed to a modern superhero bedroom. We will be adding subtle hints of their favorite superheros their room. 

 Antique Inspired Master
I have several amazing antique pieces that my mom has passed onto me. Two of my dressers are being refinished, once completed they will be added to this room. This wall color was original, It's growing on me, but I think we will eventually change it up and add some modern elements. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

When all things are packed...let them explore!

Many of you know that we have been moving. It's a process that takes forever especially when you have kids involved. Over all the kids have been doing great, it's a pretty huge adjustment moving into a new home and neighborhood. Our Otjen St. home is primarily all they remember. Thankfully the excitement of a bigger house, new rooms and nice big yard have kept their spirits bright. One of the more difficult for me, was packing as much as I could while still allowing the kids to be entertained indoors in the middle of the winter. I mean, who in their right mind moved in the middle of the Wisconsin winter?? Apparently completely crazy people like myself.

Once were were well into the packing process, I pulled out a secret weapon, a Junior Explorers Kit. With all their toys packed away, and  too much tv time, I decided they needed something creative and engaging, Yes, they are still "plugged" in, but they are learning and working together...such a relief! So, what is Junior Explorers you ask? Well, it is a interactive, education  monthly subscription for your children that is all about wildlife and nature. My kids love learning about animals, the facts that have learned have blown me away- they really have little sponges in their heads! This past months Junior Explorer kit was all about the Arctic. Polar Bears, Penguins and Arctic Foxes oh my! What truly draws me into this service is A.) the peace and quiet I was able to enjoy while moving this month and B.) the perfect amount of hand work as well as computer interactive play. My kids can blow through games and puzzles, but will really marinate in the time they are allowed to play on the computer. This allows them to have the best of both worlds.
I love these postcards! They can share their adventures with loved ones too. 

Owen, age 8.5, was the most engaged in this package. He is the perfect age for this subscription. He was able follow the instructions easily and feel challenged in what he was doing. Elliott however felt that it was a little below her level. She is almost 11 and is a slightly above grade level, so it could be just her. Owen did find it extremely engaging and loved sharing facts with us as well as teaching his little brother. This is something I would like to keep subscribing too for him. The price point is 19$ a month, which I do feel is a little high, but due to how engaged he was I think I will consider splurging for him.

If you have a explorer on your hands, I highly suggest this great subscription service. Junior Explores makes a great gift that gives all year long, or as long as you would like. You can purchase a 3, 6, 12 month subscription. If you life in less than great climate throughout the winters, I completely recommend looking into this for those long winter days.

Connect and learn even more about Junior Explorers by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! You will love all the fun things they have to share about the animals and world around us. You might even learn something before your kids do! :)

Thanks you Junior Explorers for giving me some sanilty during packing and teaching my little guy all about the Arctic!


Simple City Life, through a partnership with Mom Spark Media,  received a product in exchange for a 100% honest and true review. All opinions are my own. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Door to Door Organics is coming to Milwaukee! #joydelivered

As the Queen of grocery store anxiety, I am completely giddy with joy for the arrival of Door to Door Organics. This time of year, the thought of dragging in the groceries through slush and ice covered parking lots and streets sounds less than thrilling, like I'd rather be at the dentist. This is where the magic of grocery delivery services come in. You shop, they deliver, and you never have to leave your house. Obviously, this is not a brand new concept. What is new and very important to me is that Door to Door Organics, brings this service to you while still allowing you to support local businesses. Support our local economy is a big deal. We have tons of amazing local places that we love supporting, such as Sassy Cow Dairy and Colectivo Coffee. With Door to Door Organics, we can still shop these brands and have them delivered! 

Why Get Good Food Delivered?

  1. Delivery is free.
  2. Eat and feel healthier.
  3. Get farm-fresh food in no time!
  4. No commitment. Ever.
  5. Skip a trip to the store.

Door to Door Organics offers a variety of delivery options. You can chose from week to week what you need and want. Hosting a dinner party, no problem, add extra items or upgrade your box that week. You may choose to swap out unwanted items for desired fruits and veggies as well. On top of your regular produce box, you can add extras such as milk, coffee, breads and so much more. One thing that I love about weekly boxes like this is the fact that you can try new foods as well as new recipes. Door to Door Organics has a wonderful recipe section on their site to help you wow your friends and family. Check out this amazing recipe I found for Shredded Brussles Sprouts with Roasted Butternut Squash. 

You can sign up now and save 10$ of your first order! Starting February 23rd, Milwaukee residents can start receiving their first boxes of organic goodness. You can get yourself ready to go now, just imagine not having to worry about going out, dragging the kids, bundling up, and walking through those slush covered parking lots! You get to stay home, brew another pot of coffee and wait for your groceries to arrive. Sign up now and get a reminder on the 20th of February that your order is open for shopping. 

Door to Door Organics and I are so excited about this great friendship, that we want to give three Simple City Life readers the chance to win a $50$ shop credit! Enter below for your chance to win fresh organic produce delivered right to your door.