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Friday, August 28, 2015

New School, New Shoes and Newly Nine. {plus a Florsheim #giveaway}

Can you believe how handsome this guy is? When I look at this boy of mine I am amazed at the man he is becoming. I love his sweet heart, his constant concern for others and his instinct to help those in need. He is always willing to hand over his money to help the homeless or rescue a friend from a tree. I am so proud to be his mother. This summer has been such a growing experience for Owen. As he is getting older he is more aware of the choices around him. He is meeting new friends in our neighborhood, and learning about new boundaries. The reality is that he is entering his pre-teen years. It is true that boys mature slower, because I was already on top of this with my oldest girl when she turned 8. But I can not deny it any longer, this boy is maturing faster with each passing day. I watched a group of high school boys run by our house the other day and I was actually excited to get to know the high school-er that Owen will become.
Thankfully, I do still have a few more years to meet him and will continue to treasure each and every day I am blessed with this nine year old. This one beats to a very similar drum to myself. He is my homebody, my organized one, my little mini me. Each day is new, full of excitement, and change does not tend to scare him. Although he can get overwhelmed easily,  he is ready to take on the situation after some deep soul searching. When we first mentioned a new school, I could see him feeling very anxious. I gave him his space, brought him along to the tour and let him navigate the conversation. He came home and took a few nights to make his decision. I really admire his ability to weigh the options instead of reacting emotionally. However...he will become completely emotion about the way his socks feel, so there is that little issue.
As we take on a new school year full of changes, I look forward to watching him continue to mature into the young man I know God has created him to be. I pray that I can bottle these memories up. That as he grows the memories will become written in my mind. I hope he never loses his happiness, his joy in serving others and his deep sense of inner peace.
Let's toast to a new school and turning nine with a new pair of Florsheim shoes, simply the best shoes for the little men in your lives. I am excited to send this stylish guy into the classroom next week. Yay for a uniform free school year! Seriously how fun are these bright red skinny jeans? And the Varsity Jr. shoes? I die. I am having so much fun dressing this kid while I can.
Cheers to a new adventure, a great kid and sweet kicks.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Full days ahead: Kindergarten. #Backtoschool #UmiGiveaway

Change is in full force this year. After moving our family to a new neighborhood, our oldest was accepted into a new school, followed by a very unexpected change in the boys school as well. Everyone is really excited and embracing these new changes. I am still spinning over the preparation for yet another school year, juggling two school schedules! I am however excited and looking forward to fun and eventful year. What I am having a hard time with is that all three of my babies will be in school full days. I seriously cannot believe how the years have rushed themselves by. The reality is that he is more ready than I. His big personality is fully prepared for the days filled with adventure and new horizons. I am the one sitting here ready to fall into a puddle that my children are growing way too fast. It's all true, every last work that every parent of older children will tell you, it happens way to fast, so treasure each little meaningless moment, because in retrospect, it is incredibly meaningful.  
Moving past all the sentimental laments, we are having so much fun preparing for this guys big Kindergarten debut. We are excited for these full days of learning, taking a lunch to school, picking out new outfits and becoming a smart responsible boy. My ears are anxious to hear this sweet voice as he learns French this year. My heart is overflowing with pride as he is confident in this new change. I love seeing his personality develop more and more every day. He is making his own choices more and more everyday, even standing up to his siblings! 
He was overjoyed to pick out his new shoes for school. It is so fun to see what grabs their attention as they grow up. Right away he pointed out these Jamie's by Umi. Since they are super adorable I didn't argue. I made sure to print our Umi's size chart so that I had the right size picked out before placing my order, such a helpful tool! We have taken these new kicks for a couple of test runs and so far, so good! No blisters, no pinching. 
 Of course someone was less than thrilled with getting his pictures taken...

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Happy Back to School! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Beach Boys. #DearMKE

Milwaukee is pretty amazing for those 4 months out of the year. Kidding, it's more like 5. If we could just get the extreme temperature drops taken care of we would for sure have 7 wonderful months here.In all honesty, besides the weather, I love this city. We are able to spend hours at the beautiful beaches along Lake Michigan, attend festivals every weekend, be surrounded with talented artists and still be able to afford living the city life we enjoy. 
 Last week we found ourselves at the Milwaukee Air Show. What was a two hour plan on the hill over looking the lake, turned into a five hour beach day. We ended up getting these extremely early, therefore allowing us a front row spot on the beach. Needless to say the boys were in love.
Once the show started it was pointless to get the boys attention. There are huge jets flying above and they are all consumed with digging holes in the sand. Or covering up their ears since the jets are so loud!
Meanwhile, the rest of us are all mesmerized. It's amazing to see these planes up close, truly breathtaking.
The skill of these pilots. Such precision.  I could watch them all day. However, I am glad we did not stay too much longer because those beautiful skies burnt us to the crisp- even after multiple sunscreen layers!

 Ummmm, I promise they didn't crash. But seriously how cool is this shot.
 Again, busy in the sand, paying zero attention to what is happening in the sky!
 So proud...I dug a hole. Meanwhile skilled pilots are flying through the sky...
 Lesson learned, no matter what is happening around us, if we are at the beach the boys will not pay attention, they will only play in the sand. And lesson learned, men will always be solely focused, while the women are multitasking! ;)