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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Are you part of The Human Experiment?

As chemicals fly around us, we stand in shock. It is time our voices are heard. As our goverment passes dangerous laws, and as time passes, we are daly being exposed and putting our health and our children's futures at risk. I am beyond happy to see films like this being uses as critical tools to help educate those around is.

If you aren't concerned, it's time to wake up.

Watch The Human Experiment available April 17th, 2015 in theaters and on demand video.

To Know OR Not To Know.

I assume you are like me. Not exactly, but as a human, you are probably naturally curious about things. In life you do your research and make a educated decision. As a parent you are always making these decisions. What schools, shoes, bubble bath, swing set, pet...the list goes on. You are able to search and educate yourself. What if, just imagine for a second, that your ability to know and educate yourself was taken away. You can not ask questions any longer. Schools no longer have to disclose their teaching methods, toy manufacturers no longer told you what your toy is made from and you are expected to just trust that they have your back. How does that really feel? Are you comforted and secure in your options? I wouldn't. I would want answers. 

Right now more than ever, we need to be able to ask questions. We live in a world of undisclosed ingredients, persuasive labels, and media pressure. Products are forced into our hands and we are expected to go along with it. It happens so fast that we do not always now that we were completely duped. Companies are sly and they understand that the more you know, the worse it is for them. Right now the food industry is wanting you to turn a blind eye, trust and never question where your food comes from. Many do this without question. "If it isn't safe they wouldn't sell it" we tell ourselves and we move on through our day. Sadly this is a huge lie we believe due to media and marketing. Packages flooded with natural labels and beautiful images. It looks completely believable. But is it? 

I am not one to hide by feelings towards the GMO movement. I have no desire to ingest foods that are grown in a lab, coated with pesticides and passed off as natural food. There is nothing natural about glyphosate, antibiotics, and 2,4-D. Glyphosate has been under a mass amount of scrutiny with the World Health Organization releasing recenty that it is a probable carcinogenic. Glyphosate along with other chemicals used in the treatment of crops are creating an antibiotic resistance. I have been a label reader for years. I have avoided ingredients for years due to allergies with my kids. When one is reading a label it should be crystal clear to the consumer. This is exactly the opposite of the newly proposed  Deny Americans the Right-to-Know, or the DARK ACT. As all legislature can be it is a confusing web that has your mind spinning after reading it. After you break it all down, this bill can stop all future labeling laws and will prevent any new ones. It will force you to blindly accept the pretty pictures on the front of tha can and hope that you are buying something that is wholesome. With 94% of the soy beans and 89% of the corn grown in the US, I want to know with out a doubt if my purchase contains GMO's. 

Currently, in order to know this health food companies are paying a third party to verify and stamp their NON-GMO approval, one more thing to drive up the cost of whole ingredients. Why is it that 64 other countries have the advantage of their food properly labeled, yet, Americans are kept in the dark? It is ridiculous and this needs to change. States shouldn't have to fight long grueling fights for labeling, these labels need to be mandatory. If this act passes, things will change, it isn't pretty and it is one more step to living life in a huge controlled science experiment. 

Take a moment of your time and sign this petition to stop the Dark Act. To learn more about GMO's take the time to watch GMO OMG! This is available on Netflix. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Organic SweetLeaf Stevia #review #momsmeet

After being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes last year when I was pregnant with my sweet little girl, I have been more mindful of my sugar intake and trying to find substitutions. I have two confessions: 1. I love coffee and 2. I love coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Since I have been cutting out sugar in my diet I am trying all different kinds of natural sweetners. My favorite in moderation is honey and maple syrup but I am open to trying some kind of natural element like Stevia. . I have pretty much gone cold turkey on the sugar part of my coffee but there are just some mornings I need the extra sweetness;)  I found out about SweetLeaf Organic Stevia  last year through Mom's Meet and when I saw it was a  certified organic, zero-calorie sweetener made from high-quality stevia leaves I knew I would want to give it a try.

SweetLeaf is not only  gluten free,but it contains no artificial ingredients, calories, carbohydrates. This  sweetner is ideal for people managing their blood sugar intake because it gives no glycemic response!  You can even substitute  one packet  of SweetLeaf Organic Stevia for 2 teaspoons of sugar in any of  your baking or cooking recipes.  To be honest I can only handle half a packet in my coffee because it's so sweet. Only needing half a packet totally saves on cost as well:) Speaking of can either purchase a box of 35 ct for ($4.99) or 70ct packets for ($8.99)  Prices may vary based on the retailer.

So the biggest question for me is how does it taste? To be honest it does taste like an alternative sweetner in my coffee, you know how it gets you on your tongue and you can tell it's not "real" sugar. hahaha. All of that being said though,  I think when placed in other recipes for cooking or baking the flavor is masked and it simply just sweetens the dish. The company has delicious looking recipes on their pinterest page as well. Speaking of recipes I even tried my own version of a vanilla simple syrup for iced coffee and it turned out pretty good. 2 packets of SweetLeaf Organic Stevia, 2tsps of water, and 1/2 tsp of  pure vanilla extract. You don't need lots to sweeten the drink and it probably will last you a couple glasses;)

SweetLeaf also has other products on their website along with various recipes both savory and sweet. Be sure to connect with them  via facebook and Instagram to keep updated with other products being launched like Sweet Drops, which are great substitutes for coffee syrups:)


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