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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tales of a canning jar addict. #stonyfieldblogger

I honestly can't you tell when it began, but once it started it was something fierce. Who knew a flat of glass Ball canning jars could bring one person so many opportunities? Years ago we we moved our house towards a toxin free environment. We tossed our plastic containers, baggies and moved forward with the goal in mind to live without plastics and waste. Around that same time we started canning. With so many jars around I naturally started to grab them for drinking out of, storing left over in and using them for school lunch containers. I soon discovered the variety of sizes available to me and things started to spin out of control. The choices are endless- wide mouth, pint, quart, jelly jar, quilted, heritage collection's endless!

I walked around my house this morning and took a few pictures of the many ways I use our canning jars.

Other than my boys obsession over creating collection jars, their second favorite way I use my Ball Canning jars is to make Grab & Go Parfaits. Last weekend we had to leave the house at 6am in order to arrive on time to the kids Taekwondo tournament. With Owens dietary restrictions, we are very limited on eating on the road. I have to plan ahead. I decided to make up a few of these parfaits for the kids to enjoy on the road. They take just a few minutes to make. After they are assembled, keep them in the fridge or cooler until you need them. These pictures below are make with three ingredients:
organic strawberries
Stonyfield Greek yogurt
LiveG'Free berry crunch granola from Aldi's.

Layer your fruit and yogurt leaving about a inch head space with your fruit on top, then add your granola. I like to have the fruit on top as it helps keep your granola crunchy! Grab a spoon and enjoy!

I know I am not alone in my addiction! What is your favorite use for your Ball Canning Jars? 


Friday, January 22, 2016

Making Organic More Accessible with Stonyfield and Walmart

*As a Team Stonyfield ambassador, I am being compensated. All opinions are always my own**

If I am going to the store to purchase groceries or pick up organic food, usually Walmart is at the bottom of my list. I have found in the past a very small selection of organic products I am looking for at the super store so I have moved on to other places. 


Well it seems like the times they are a changin!!!  As a Stonyfield Yogetter I was given the challenge to shop Walmart and purchase my family's favorite organic yogurt and a few other groceries and I was pleasantly surprised.

I have looked for Stonyfield in the past at a few of the Walmart's by me but have not had much success. The other day I bundled up my little side kick and we headed out in the winter cold to the closest Walmart near me to grab yogurt and fixings for our salad night.  Even though the Walmart closest to me only had two Stonyfield products to chose from I at least was happy that I could buy it in store.

 I know that other Walmart's in other cities have more options like YoKids Squeeze pouches, not just the YoBaby and Smooth and Creamy 32Oz containers that I found. I am hoping there will be a  bigger selection from Stonyfield in the not so distant future at Walmart near me.

So the next time you grace the doors of the popular Mega Store, stop by the yogurt section and grab your favorite organic yogurt! ~Abbie

Thursday, December 17, 2015

IKOS. Building spheres and creative creatures.

Last month at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair we met several amazing companies and their creators. There were a few that really grabbed our attention. We are huge advocates of toys for our kids that are able to stimulate creativity driven by our children. Several toys on the market are already doing everything for you that the kids have little to no input on what the toy is capable of. I like to hand my children a toy and let their minds take over. After all, kids are far more creative than we give them credit for. Not only do I want them to create, I want to see their mind work out problems that come along while playing. Problem solving is a skill that will get your child far in life.  This new toy covers both of these aspects of play as well as several other. Let me show you IKOS. IKOS is a toy that breathes creativity and ingenuity. 

My nine year old is a huge fan of these. To be honest, he love that he can actually builds a ball to play with. How many blocks allow you to build a ball? The IKOS system is solid and your designs stay in place, even with much play. I was imagining the ball being very delicate once constructed, however you are able to play catch easily and it can withhold being dropped. His favorite creation: an alien with legs and arms. I have also seen the boys imagining it as a egg with all sorts of random creatures hatching out.

Not only to I love the IKOS for the reasons mentioned above, I love their story. Created by a high school teacher and three students, they worked together in and out of school to accomplish this invention. I admire their efforts in keeping IKOS environmentally friendly and made in the USA. Each IKOS set is made from recycled HDPE using 3D printing. We are true fans of this 2015 Product of the Year Award winner from Creative Child Magazine and I believe you will be too!

IKOS retail for 19.99 and can be purchased online HERE or at a shop near you by using their store locator.

Want to win a set? Just comment below for your chance to win a set of your own and fill out the Rafflecopter form.