Simple City Life: Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah #Review and #Giveaway

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah #Review and #Giveaway

"Break Bread Not Tradition!"

I will admit I am a pretty good cook...well at least my family thinks I am. I can create amazing meals from left overs in the fridge BUT when it comes to baking I am a bit of a dud. Baking requires soooo many details and precision and every time I try to experiment with my baking goodies, they don't turn out the best. In my dream world I make homemade all natural bread every week. Well my ideal world will stay on my Pinterest board, but in the meantime I don't mind having a little help from Tribes-A-Dozen with my bread baking.

Tribes-A-Dozen is about wholesome, all natural, kosher hallah (or challah bread) – - the classic egg bread – - also referred to as barches, brioche, kalács, osterbrot, or, simply, twisted bread. Hallah has deep spiritual meaning in the Jewish faith, but traditional egg bread is enjoyed in many cultures and embraced by Kosher and non-Kosher households alike. Hallah, or egg bread, is perfectly enjoyed on its own, as sandwich bread, or as the ultimate base for French toast or bread pudding.

I received all three  varieties of Voilà! Hallah bread to review and decided to be ambitious last Friday and bake all three in one afternoon. I was planning on ten people being at my house Saturday morning for breakfast and I thought it would be fun to use the bread for  yummy baked french toast recipe I found on the Tribes-A-Dozen blog.

The three varieties consisted of the Traditional Egg Bread Mix, Wholey Wheat Egg Bread Mix and Simply Spelt Egg Bread Mix.   I started my baking ambition with the Traditional mix first. I whipped out my vintage Hamilton Beach Mixer and realized all too quickly that the suggestion for using the paddle attachment was really important. The mix quickly went up the spokes and I had a mess on my hands. I found at the bottom of the box it mentioned using a wooden spoon to mix the bread if you don't have paddle attachments, which made it much easier for the other two mixes. Okay so yeah I am not a good direction follower. My first attempt did not go so well, mostly due to my mixer issue and not being able to find a place warm enough to get my dough to rise. But with each box the baking got easier, I found a warm place for my dough and by the end of the endeavor I felt like a pro. The only ingredients needed were water, egg, honey (wheat and spelt only)  and oil. Each box had different measurements for each ingredient on each box which is really important to note when baking more than one flavor. I almost dumped in too much water during the second round of baking.  It was nice to not have to kneed the dough for hours and hours and still the end result was delicious home baked bread.

So how did it taste? The bread was really yummy sliced each flavor to taste it and it was so hard to not keep eating the bread by itself and save it for the french toast the next morning. The wheat and spelt were a little dryer of course then the traditional mix, but all three tasted like fresh bread you would get from a bakery. Both the spelt and the wheat are made with organic flour which is a plus as well. The price for each box mix  is roughly around the same price you would pay for a baked loaf at a store. But if you are wanting to bake something for a holiday like Easter brunch this would be a fantastic option to impress those you are feeding and  giving them wholesome, all natural food.  The mixes can be bought on Abe's Market.You can also find out if a local grocer carries the brand by checking out the Tribes-A-Dozen where to buy page. 

We are hosting a giveaway for one winner to win a sample box of all three varieties. I also would suggest checking out their blog for more ideas and recipes, as well as tips with using the mixes. Get ahead start on the giveaway and be sure to like Tribes-A-Dozen on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Oh and by the way the baked French toast I made using the Voilà! Hallah was a hit!

Cheers, Abbie
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  1. I would use it a breakfast bread or to use as sandwich bread

  2. I would love to try your product. I have been unable to find it at any store where I shop.

  3. i would use it in breakfast muffins

  4. commented on the "back behind my baby" post. :)

  5. I would use it as sandwich bread. It looks really good.

  6. I would make the wheat and just eat it with butter and honey when it is fresh out of the oven.

  7. I would use it as sandwich bread. It looks really good.

  8. I would use this on a night when we have lasagna.

  9. I would make French toast with it. (CoreyOlomon at gmail dot com)

  10. I'd use it for all my meals as a side

  11. I'd make this delicious bread and put real butter on it. Mmmm good! Thank you :)
    sue-hull64 at comcast dot net

  12. I love love to use this in French Toast.


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