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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Barn Party!

Fall is upon us! As much as I cringe at the thought of winter arriving in a few short months, I love the fall colors, the change in wardrobe and the activities that surround the season. Last week we took the kids to the apple orchard and no matter how old they get it is still one of our favorite family activities. We also took a trip up north to see my mom and other relatives. My aunt and uncle hosted their annual Barn Party. My city kids loved every moment of being out in the country and I couldn't stop taking pictures! It was a fantastic weekend. 

Elliott received a new hair style while we were visiting. She loves it and I think it looks pretty cool. Middle school is so awkward! She has been dying to do something drastic for months. We went ahead and let her bite the bullet. 

 My boys are naturals on the farm. They took off on several adventures together. It was absolutely adorable watching them play and work together.

I have so many more picture from the weekend, Hopefully I will find some time to share those too! 

Happy Fall!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

TORUK- The First Flight *Review*

Once again, I was left in amazement as we left the show last night. The pure extravagance of putting together a performance like TORUK- The First Flight is breathtaking. So many moving parts, so much beauty and everything pieced together flawlessly. The opening scene grabs your attention in a way that you can't explain, my eyes were taking in all the moving parts while I was quickly absorbed into the story. What I loved so much about this particular Cirque Du Soleil  show was the unique story line that takes place in a time before the film Avatar.

It paints a unique picture of Pandora and the people who live there. Unsure weather or not my kids would be able to follow the story due to never seeing the movie, I was grateful for the easy to follow and captivating tale the TORUK told. Both children were completely entranced and followed along.

I am anxious to see another show, while visiting their website, I found a few shows that look amazing. If you have a chance to go see TORUK- The first Flight while it is on tour I highly suggest you go.

 Are you fan is Cirque Du Soleil? What shows have you seen? This was the first show I have seen since I was about 13 years old! I still remember that show too and know that we will remember this show for years to come! Thank you to the BMO Harris Bradley Center for allowing us the opportunity to see this spectacular show. Please check out their website and see what upcoming productions you would like to see.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Fall Celebration: Toruk - The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil

I am excited to be sitting here writing in the peace and quiet of my own home. This past year has been very difficult to keep up with blogging as we had to pause things to handle some family things. Raising kids is no joke and when on of my own needs all my time and attention, you better believe I am going to stop everything to be there for them. This past school year my 6th grader needed us to be parents only. Wading through these years is tough. When a school situation did not work out, we made some changes and brought her home to homeschool. So many positive changes have happened since that day and we are so glad to have all the kids back in school, bringing me to this moment. This moment where I have an empty house, clear thoughts and time to get back to my love of blogging!

Let's do things right and start this fall off with a superb giveaway- four tickets to see Toruk - The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil. It has been years since I have seen a Cirque du Soleil show, but I can remember to many details from it still. The choreography is mind blowing as well as the visual presentation. You will find yourself sitting with your mouth open in awe.  Toruk is a going to be a outstanding performance inspired by James Cameron's AVATAR. If you were mesmerized by the movie you do not want to miss seeing this put to stage. 

Tickets are available through ticketmaster starting as low as 30$, you can also purchase tickets for children at just $25.00, with code child25. Shows will be September 22-25th at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee. 

Are you ready to enter to win a four pack for your family? All you have to do is enter below! 

**This giveaway is for the September 22nd 7:30pm show in Milwaukee**
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