Simple City Life: About Us

About Us

Thank you for stopping by our little slice in cyberspace. We are honored to have you here and look forward to connecting with you!

Simple City Life was born in 2007. This blog was started as a way to connect with family near and far away. The very first entries were about the possibility of moving away from our life in small town America and heading back to the city life we were raised in. This move to the city brought us everything we had been dreaming about for our kids, diversity, culture, new experiences, education and authentic relationships. We have never looked back since our move and love every minute of raising our kids in the city of Milwaukee.   

The term simple was used to describe our life here. Although cities are know for their chaos and busy lifestyles, we have chosen to life a life that is full of simplicity. We are simply here to live and love on our community. We chose simplicity though our organic lifestyle, minimal media, natural learning, urban homesteading and holistic practices. This life lead us to exploring Montessori education for our children. We love that our children have parallels in their school life as well as their home life. As we embraced our lifestyle here, we developed a deeper passion for simplicity. This desire has shown forth in a passion for simple ingredients in our food, home and body products. We have changed our shopping choices as well as our view on finance. We desire to support small local business, products that are free from toxins and foods that are home grown and free from chemicals. Life isn't always perfectly simple, but we strive daily for it. 

2010 was a big year for us. While waiting for our third baby to arrive, we dug further into our son's health issues. After years of unexplained rashes, eczema, asthma, emotional outbursts, gut and bowl irritation, Owen was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It was been a long and emotional road. We are so thankful for the healing we have seem over the years and happy to share our journey with anyone. Raising a child with any illness is overwhelming, Parents need to stand together and support each other. Please feel free to join in the conversation. I am always willing to talk, feel free to email me, Courtney, at 

In 2014, Simple City Life welcomed a second writer Abbie. It was been a wonderful addition. Abbie is a mother and step mother to two beautiful girls. She has been able to join in the conversation here about motherhood, breastfeeding and learning about living a green life. If you are just starting a green life, becoming a mother or journeying though life as a step parent, Abbie is an amazing inspiration. 

Again, thank you for coming by. We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Courtney and Abbie