Simple City Life: 12 things in almost 12 months.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

12 things in almost 12 months.

Attempt number 653. I may be a little off, but needless to say, there are several attempts saved here to get this blog back up and running. I have no idea how I was able to manage this blog so well back with the kids were tiny. I guess those naptimes were extremely useful. That being said, what is my excuse since the kids are all in school full time? Yikes. I think guilt is my main culprit. I feel incredibly guilty if I am sitting down during my day. I must keep moving, cleaning, planning, organizing and prepping. At least that is what I tell myself. It's pressure I put on myself. It is a little excessive and unrealistic. One of these days I will learn to fully let go of these imaginary expectations. I'm hoping that as I do, I bring you along. But before I move forward into newness, I would love to catch you up on all that has gone on. We have learned a lot over the past 11 months since uprooting our lives voluntarily and relocating to a brand new city. Here are 11 key things we have learned.

1.  At the end of the day, We will never regret moving near our family. Watching our kids bond with their grandparents has brought so much joy. Being able to help our parents out when needed is such a blessing. After 10 years living away from our parents, we are taking full advantage of this new closeness.

2. Finding a good school is really hard! I realize I am super picky, but our children's education is extremely important to us. We found some decent schools for this year, however, I am very excited about the kids' school they will be starting in the fall-a huge bonus- all three will be attending the same school, different campuses.

3. Middle school still stinks. It doesn't just stink- it is downright horrible. My kid received an education well beyond any classroom walls this year. The era of cellphones and social media creates a perfect storm for middle schoolers. Yes, you hear about cyberbullying, but let me tell you these kids are into far worse things. The amount of vulgar language, porn obsession, drug references, and drinking is mind-blowing. Kids now have two accounts- one for parents to see and typically one that flies under the radar. Take caution, these accounts are beyond anything you could ever imagine for 11, 12 and 13-year-olds.

4.  Kids are brave. Meeting new people, learning new places, navigating through school halls ways and neighborhoods is challenging and scary. Kids may feel nervous and shy, but they push themselves and are brave little souls.

5. Arizona is so much more than a desert. Drive an hour and you will be in a completely different terrain. We are officially State Park and National Park pass holders and are chomping at the bit to visit as many parks as possible.

6. Broken bones are no joke. Since moving here we have experienced our first broken limb. I was taken by surprise the full extent of an injury like the one we had. Owen broke his tibia over Christmas break, thinking he would be back to normal in a reasonable time was completely unrealistic. We are at 5 months and counting...physical therapy 2x per week.

7. For the love of all things good and glorious, why is there not better coffee in Phoenix? I guess you could say we were extremely spoiled in Milwaukee, but we really need to find amazing coffee, preferably locally roasted too.

8. Palm trees never get old. Every time I look up they catch my breath. I smile and think to myself, "I can't belive I live here."

9. Arizona has horrible drivers.  I really thought I'd be moving away from the horrible Milwaukee drivers, but no I dare say Arizona drivers are just as bad. For the record though, Milwaukee is the only city I have watched a man drive backward as though it was completely normal, staying in his lane and minding traffic lights. What we have noticed is the merging is a foreign concept here as well as planning ahead for lane changes. Other than the driving, the people are friendly and the city is nice. There are little things here and there that are different from what we are used to in the Midwest, but overall other than driving issues, the people are very nice.

10. Apartment living has its perks, but I'd rather not do it again. It has been convenient and a good place to call home temporarily. However, losing the freedom of a neighborhood is really hard. The boys are very limited in their outside playspace, needless to say, their playing has caused many complaints over the past 11 months. No longer can they ride bikes freely, run through a backyard or get too loud playing at the pool. Believe me when I say we are counting the days to moving day! We are currently at 19 days.

11. Building a house is flippin' fantastic! As much as we all miss our Story Hill home, I can't wait to get into our brand spanking home. This house is going to be clean and exactly the way we wanted. I loved that old house, but let me tell you the obsessive cleaner in me could not for the life of me get over the fact that there was 100 years of dirt in those floorboards!

12. Hiking is life. I'm so happy to be back in the mountains. I could (and have) spent hours a week wandering the trails. No matter how ofter you go there is always something new to see and a different trail to venture out on. I'm pretty impressed with how many miles I have put on my shoes and can't wait to break in my newest pair!

There are way more things that I could share, but there is more time for that later,


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