Simple City Life

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Last weekend we took a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens. We joined shortly after moving here thanks to an amazing Groupon deal. This was my third trip through the gardens and I just can not get enough of them. The various paths and scenery keep you engaged while the peaceful surroundings keep you grounded. This is quickly becoming my favorite place to visit here in Phoenix, it is a perfect oasis in the city. Last weekends events for Dia De Los Muertos were simply breathtaking. Over the past several years we have been learning more about this cultural celebration and have grown to prefer this over our American traditions of Halloween. A day to pray and remember your lost loved ones is much more tasteful than running around the neighborhood asking for candy! Elliott and I had a great time capturing some of our favorite sights. Elliott is developing her creative skills in photography- I am very proud of her. The first image here she took all on her own!

The boys waited over an hour for the most amazing face painting. The artists were so talented and really took their time to complete these paintings. I am glad I caught them on camera before they each took a drink from the water fountain and smudged the paint. Within moments after walking away from the artist's chair their make up was smudged and Owen washed his off in the bathroom. Moments like these it's really hard to keep you cool as a parent. Let's just say standing in line for that amount of time just so you can wash it off was not what I had planned. But I have the pictures and memories and that is what truly matters. 

I hope you are enjoying your fall- we are adjusting to our new normal of 80 degree days and chilly nights; sunshine and sitting by the pool planning our Thanksgiving meal plans.