Simple City Life: Banksy Rue.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Banksy Rue.

We added a member to the clan. She is simply adorable, full of energy and sassy as can be. This is my third cocker spaniel and I have to say, they do not disappoint! I love this breed. They are smart, loyal and easy to train. At just shy of three months old, she is 90% potty trained, 100% crate trained and is learning her basic commands. Although she was sold to us way too young, she has bonded with us extremely well and has adjusted to her new life quite well. Here she is a wee little 5 weeks old! 

She has been growing like crazy and has managed to almost triple her size! I am not sure how she has managed to grow since she is extremely picky about her food preferences. Nonetheless, she is growing like a weed. She has captured our heart when she isn't biting at us! 
6 weeks

7 weeks and worn out!

9 weeks

10 weeks!

I wasn't planning on getting a puppy so soon after moving, but she is just what we needed. Losing Fred put a huge hole in all our hearts, Banksy is slowly filling that hole each and every day. One of these days I'll write about Fred, it's just still so hard to talk about. In the meantime, you will set to watch our newest little one grow up!