Simple City Life: Get Ready for Earth Day With Envirokidz!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Get Ready for Earth Day With Envirokidz!

          Daily, my newly seven-year-old loves to run outside before school. His mission: to observe how the spring bulbs and lilies are growing and changing every day. It has been good for my soul to see him so excited, he rushes back into the house to grab me and show me what he sees. I get a full report on what is new growth, how much taller they are and his triumphant guesses what is going to happen tomorrow. It is a beautiful reminder of joy and beauty in the simple things. Watching our earth wake up after a cold, long winter. For these reasons, I love celebrating Earth Day! We should all be in such wonder and amazement over this cycle of new beginnings. I am excited to share with you some fun ideas to get your family ready for Earth Day!

          Make a family pledge this year to recycle more. Learn about your local recycling programs to be sure you are following the proper steps to ensure your items are able to be recycled. This year I am finally committing to getting that second recycling bin- one just isn't cutting it this anymore!

          Commit to reducing your waste. Take advantage of those bulk bins at the grocery stores. Did you know that you can bring in your own containers and kick the plastic bags to the curb? Just have a cashier weigh your reusable containers before you fill them up! 

          Don't be afraid to talk to your kids about the environment how to treat our earth. Believe me, respecting isn't just for the hippies of the world. Educate your family about the effects of harmful chemicals that are placed on our yards, dumped down the drain and put on our skin. As our kids grow older, I have been bold to teach them about these things in order to empower them to make better choices as they grow up. 

          Spend family time learning more together through books and movies. All ages can benefit from watching a family movie like Wall-E together. We have also enjoyed several nature movies like March of the Penguins, Disney's Bears and so many others you can find on this great list from Envirokidz.

          Plant a garden or shop your local Farmer's Markets. I love gardens, but unfortunately, our yard is full of plant killing black walnuts. We have replaced much of what we used to grow with product from our local markets. Not only are you fueling your family better you are also supporting a hard working family. 

         Support companies that are working hard to preserve our environment. Did you know that Envirokids donates 1% of sales towards endangered species, habitat conservation, and environmental education? It's important to speak with your dollars, communicate to the industry leaders that you believe in giving back to our earth and keeping your family healthy. 

Now through April 28th, you can enter your family to win an EnviroTrip to Belize with Envirokidz! All you have to do is enter your code from specially marked boxes.  Click the image below to learn more!

And remember Envirkidz is certified gluten free! Making it one of our favorite snacks and breakfasts! 

Happy Earth Day! 

*i was sent products to try for our family, I was not paid for a positive review or for my post. All opinions are 100% my own.