Simple City Life: Onwards and Upwards.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Onwards and Upwards.


You came in with a vengeance. Many are glad to see you leave, I am thankful for your lessons and anxious about your successor. Politically, personally and emotionally we went through a lot. Many amazing moments were had as well as many challenging moments, I look back on all of them with gratitude as we press on.

Twenty-sixteen, you again made me realize that this parenting gig is so vast and deep. The levels of emotions you give one person can feel insurmountable. The joys and trials sway like the ocean waves. Twenty-sixteen, you slowed me down and forced me to take a deeper look at each child and strive even harder to meet their needs. All so very different, all so beautiful and unique. I look forward to continuing on this journey and furthering my knowledge of these gifts I have been given.

Your political storm shook many to the core. I am deeply saddened watching my children navigate through so much darkness. Leaders behaving in ways we have instructed out children to abstain from. I pray daily that we move forward and not backwards, I do fear we already have. In the midst of these anxious moments, many men and women took a stand for justice, that brings hope and changes.

Twenty-sixteen, you showed me once again that life together with my partner is sweet. Five years have passed since we dug our roots in and together took the steps to fix things up once and for all. Without your predecessors, we never would have gotten through you. They groomed us for you. We were ready and together we came out stronger.

You were not the worst, however, you were far from the best.  I press on, moving forward in a constant motion to guide my children, to lean more on my partner and to fully understand my position in this crazy world.