Simple City Life: Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Bathroom.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Bathroom.

It's that time of year where we all start to come out of our houses. We open the windows and dive into some deep cleaning. Cleansing the house from all impurities and germs. I have an obsession with cleaning. Spring, helps me because it is finally socially acceptable to talk openly about cleaning. I'm going to give you some of my favorite tricks to clean the house along with some of my favorite products. I'm starting with the bathroom, because no one enjoys this room. It's gross. Especially, when you have kids.
My favorite products for cleaning my bathroom:
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Norwex Enviro Cloth
Norwex Cleaning Paste
Method Shower Spray
Baking soda

Before you tackle this room, clear all laundry, rugs, baskets and bath toys from the room. I typically run the bath toys through the dishwasher while I clean the rest of the room. Use high heat to help sanitize them.

Carefully sweep the entire floor surface, get into the corners and under any surfaces.

Remove the toilet seat, and place it in the tub with hot water and a few drops of tea tree oil. If you haven't done this before, beware. It's disgusting. All the splatters from toilet users find their way under there and down into the screw holes. It's so gross. But you will be amazed at how much odor is eliminated from doing this. While the seat is soaking, scrub toilet bowl and base. I use my Norwex clothes, a drop of Tea Tree Oil and water for this. Use your baking soda and sprinkle it around the base of the toilet, making sure it is right in the crease between the floor and toilet. Spray the soda with vinegar. Yes, it will foam up. Let it sit while you move on to other areas.

Wipe the sink down. Clean the mirror. Take a few minutes and clean out the medicine cabinet. Toss all expired medicines, change toothbrushes (if needed), wipe out the cabinet shelves and put everything back.
Remove shower curtain and towels. Run through the washer. If you have a plastic liner, you can spray it down with Method Shower Spray. I have run plastic liners though a wash cycle before without a problem. It helps remove all soap scum, but they can get torn, so if you are not prepared to replace it, just wipe it down. With my cleaning paste, I scrub down my shower and bathtub. Then I give the toilet seat a good scrub and replace it in to the toilet. Finish scrubbing the shower and tub, rinse well.

With my wet norwex cloth I wipe down all the surfaces: window ledges, baseboards, chair rail, light switches, cupboard doors and doors. Now that the baking soda/vinegar paste has had time to work, you can wipe the foam up. Rinse your cloth out and wipe till clean. Now you are ready to mop the floors. Working from the back of the room, mop your way out and let the floors dry. I use a Norwex mop with a scrub pad. I love my norwex products. They are amazing and allow me to clean my house without the use of harmful chemicals.  Replace the towels and curtains when they are finished.

Put your feet up and enjoy your fresh and clean bathroom.


If you are interested in purchasing Norwex products, go to to find a consultant near you. There is also a newer brand called e-cloth that is supposed to be like Norwex. However it does not have the antibacterial capabilities that Norwex does.  You can purchase e-cloths at Abe's Market.
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