Simple City Life: The One and Only Boba 4G #bobaambassador

Friday, February 7, 2014

The One and Only Boba 4G #bobaambassador

Boba has been my carrier of choice since I started babywearing. I was hooked after getting my first Boba, the 2G.  I was really excited about the improvements they made with the 3G, like the amazing purse strap. I really didn't think there was a need for improvement. Then I was sent the newest 4G carrier and I love what they have done. The main difference in this new improved carrier is that it allows you to quickly and easily carry your newborn in a soft structured carrier. I never tried the 3G fold and snap feature, but I wasn't too keen on the design. This simple insert makes wearing your newborn a snap! I had Abbie over yesterday and we were finally able to get some shots of this new boba in action. Alamea is right on the border for the different positions of the insert. In these pictures we have the insert snapped for the smallest setting, birth-10 lbs.
You baby will straddle this insert keeping her hips in proper placement.
As she grow you can open the insert up. 

The insert pillow simply snaps into the carrier.
 Once in the carrier mom is able to keep an eye on things and baby is happy being right where she should be near moms heart.  Abbie has been using this Boba 4G for the past few weeks and is so happy with the design. She has tested other similar carriers, but gave up after the bulky inserts became frustrating and confusing. I am so glad they she has found something to carry this little sweetheart in

If you have any other question, please feel free to leave a comment and ask- Abbie and I are more than happy to help! 

~Courtney and Abbie