Simple City Life: Have A Happy Tot Morning!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Have A Happy Tot Morning!

Mornings are crazy here. As I am sure they are at your house. Between getting the big kids ready for school and keeping the toddler out of trouble, I'm a busy mom. Thankfully we have a late start school! The only downside is that Raichlen is ready for a snack before the others are even out the door for school. The last thing I want or can do in the midst of getting his siblings lunches packed is stopping to fix him a snack. I have found that if I keep a stash of healthy easy to grab snacks at his level he can help himself. I don't have to worry that he is sneaking junk food and I can stay on track better. As I shared with you earlier this week, Raichlen is obsessed with yogurt. However fixing a bowl of yogurt with granola isn't always easy when time is an issue.

I was really excited when I saw that Happy Family created this great and simple product for hungry little toddlers. They have created a new morning blend that is packed with all sorts of healthy things for your little one all in a easy to use pouch. Check out this list of great ingredients:

 Happy Tot Morning pouches are a delicious breakfast blend of fruit, yogurt & oats. Each pouch has 750mg of Omega-3s from Salba® The SUPER Chia and 3g of fiber. Made with whole grain oats, whole milk yogurt and organic fruits, these pouches are a great way to start your little one’s day.

Raichlen will never turn down a snack pouch. He loves them and I love how simple they are. I also keep a supply on hand for my little friends that I babysit throughout the week. They are so handy! Whoever first created them is pure genius. My older kids even love them. 

What always impresses me the most is how many amazing ingredients Happy Family packs into one pouch. Since we make smoothies a lot around here, the kids are already used to consuming many of the ingredients contained inside the pouches. I love knowing that when I am short on time of patience, I can hand over a snack that is beneficial to my kids health. If you haven't entered the world of pouches, I really think you should give it a try! It is a luxury every parent deserves. :) 

Now- here is the fun part- Enter to win these great pouches for your little one! One winner will win a 16pk of Happy Tot Morning. You will receive 8 pouches of each flavor.