Simple City Life: You Gotta Try This! New #StonyfieldGreek Yogurts.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

You Gotta Try This! New #StonyfieldGreek Yogurts.

It is just plain scary how fast yogurt disappears around here. Anyone else have that issue? Raichlen has yogurt super powers and can inhale a 32oz container in one sitting if I'd let him. All day long he is digging into the fridge bringing me containers of yogurt. He even brought it to me in bed one morning at 6am. See below image.
He is a little crazy over yogurt. So you can imagine the smile on his face when we had a cooler full of the all new Stonyfield greek delivered straight to our door. He was the happiest kid in the world. He found his very favorite flavor, strawberry and went to town. Before I had finished putting them in the fridge, he was finished with his yogurt. I have to make rules regarding yogurt consumption around here. Thankfully, Stonyfield carries our same values, so I know he is eating non gmo, organic goodness! But there are still some sugars, so I have to pace him.  ;)
Once the kids came home from school we all picked a flavor and had a fun little testing circle. Owen picked Blueberry, Elliott chose the new Cafe Latte and I tried the new Cherry. The new flavors are awesome! I was a little nervous taking a taste of the Cafe Latte, but to my surprise it was really tasty. The cherry was so good! I have always loved cherry yogurts and this one takes the cake. Owen I was the most nervous about. He has this thing against greek yogurt. But he inhaled this new greek yogurt and gave it a big thumbs up! 

So why the excitement? Why chose Stonyfield Greek? Let me share with you why we shop Stonyfield. 

They Support local farmers. 
USDA Certified Organic. 
Made 100% without pesticides. 
No growth hormones or antibiotics. 

At Stonyfield Farms they care about you and your family! 

So, next time you are shopping for yogurt- you gotta try New Stonyfield Greek! You won't be disappointed!