Simple City Life: Testing Day!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Testing Day!

We officially have two ninja's. Owen decided to jump back into TaeKwonDo. I thought it would be just for a temporary filler between other sports, but he has decided to go full force. He make the decision to move forward and test for his orange belt. Since it is a pretty big deal financially, he had to think hard if this is what he wants to do. I'm proud of him. I am really glad he made the choice to continue. TKD takes a lot of focus and hard work. Focus is a struggle for him in general, so this is a great sport for him to be challenged in.
This past weekend both Elliott and Owen tested for their next level belts. Being Owens first testing he was very nervous! Poor kid looked like he was going to throw up. But once his friend showed up he seemed to relax and they were able to partner together for testing. Elliott was more then ready. She has been anxious for testing so that she can move up to the next level and start sparring! We ordered her equipment last week. Needless to say, this was a very expensive month for the Fisk clan. It is all 100% worth it. They are both so proud of their accomplishments as they should be. Before you know it we will have some kick butt black belts!

We are all anxious to get the results of their testing. Hopefully next week they will officially be a Orange Belt and a Camo Belt. So watch out world these two ninja's mean business. Oh, and naughty nugget is back as a tiny get ready for that.