Simple City Life: #MyPicknSave New Store Tour

Thursday, January 30, 2014

#MyPicknSave New Store Tour

I think I can say that I have officially hit my mid 30's. Although my 35th birthday isn't for a few more months, I get insanely excited over grocery stores. I have shared in the past my anxiety about grocery shopping: all the label reading, the disorganized aisles, the running around looking for allergy free foods. It's exhausting! I walk out feeling like I just ran a marathon. Over the past few months you have probably noticed that I have been working with Pick'n Save. We were already frequent shoppers at this local grocery chain, but over the past few months I have seen them change and evolve. I can see that they are listening to the needs of the consumer and are working hard to better their stores.
sampling like a pro. 
I jumped at the chance to tour one of their new flagship stores in a suburb not too far from here. I was in complete shock and overwhelmed with jealously as I walked through the door. I was greeted by a full, fresh produce section packed with fresh organics. That made me very excited to see the rest of the store after that first impression. We met with the store manager as well as the assistant manager, Carrie, who lead our tour. She walked us through each department letting us taste several exclusive items to Pick'n Save. These new stores are laid out in a simple to follow layout allowing you to navigate quickly throughout the store. With the help of their new health key system you are able to quickly see if the products are free from different allergens.

As a mother of a gluten free kid, you can imagine my excitement to find this large gluten free selection.

These new Pick'n Save stores offer a deluxe bakery, fresh made chicken pot pies, fresh squeezed orange juice and a full service bulk section.

I am so happy to see a local chain pay serious attention to the needs of the consumer. It is so nice to be able to do our regular shopping and our gluten free shopping in the same store. No more hopping all around town piecing together our son's diet.

Pick'n Save is making several advances towards a green, sustainable future. Many of the materials used for this store are recycled. They have also installed a new energy efficient sink system in the restroom, as well as energy efficient lighting throughout the whole store. When you pair these green building practices with the amount of organic brands they are carrying, it is unbelievable! Not only are they carrying more organic brands but also non GMO and toxin free body products.

Now, if we can just get our local store to look like these new ones, I will be one happy mama!
Happy Shopping!